Ed Balls ‚non-dom’ scrapping policy unravels (08Apr15)

Labour’s brand new „Non-dom” tax policy announced this morning by Ed Balls is unraveling, as video in this clip shows he does not support geting rid of non-dom status just earlier in 2015….

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  1. Alex Gore

    He said no 3 months ago, now he’s saying yes. They act like this doesn’t
    happen in politics.

  2. Steven Gibb

    This is a non-story as far i am concerned.Make no mistake Ed Balls is not a
    favourite of mine but politicians as in all walks of life have changes of
    heart,it happens,to call it it a „gaffe” is a tad melodramatic.

  3. Dark Figure

    How is this gaffe? What a non-story by the BBC. That Norman Smith is a
    slimy bastard.

  4. AFGuidesHD

    lol this is the sort of thing they do to UKIP they get all giddy and
    excited when they’ve found something contradictory

  5. JudgeHill83

    These poor journalists – they really thing they’re on to something here…

  6. A James

    If Labour win the election I will be immigrating to Somalia to improve my
    standard of living

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